About us

Learn about The Jasper Cacao Project, who we are and what we do

The Jasper Cacao Project

The Jasper cacao project is a UK based company specialising in the sale and distribution of the finest ceremonial grade cacao.

We serve cacao for the wellbeing of humanity as we believe this plant can help heal the world in many ways spiritually and physically. We ourselves benefit highly from drinking this extremely nourishing plant medicine.

Our ceremonial cacao is for anybody who wishes to benefit medicinally or/and spiritually from this wonderful natural medicine.

We supply anybody and everybody who wants to feel great from family and friends to shamans, wellness gurus, ceremonialists, spiritual teachers, personal trainers and also athletes looking for deep focus and natural long-lasting energy.

We offer our cacao through our online shops, wholesale offers, subscriptions, events, markets, festivals, and our spiritual healing ceremonies.