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Meet our very small team that makes it all happen!
MD & Founder

Shane Cooke

Shane is a Ceremonialist, Breathwork & Meditation Guide, and a passionate advocate for Medicine Music & Nature.

He is the visionary behind The Jasper Cacao Project, a venture that emerged from his earlier endeavour, Jasper Wellbeing. Through Jasper Wellbeing, Shane facilitated transformative conscious coaching, breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness sessions that touched the lives of many in the UK and beyond.

Before delving into Jasper, Shane's journey saw him navigate the highs and lows of a successful career as a chef, experiencing deep mental, emotional, and physical challenges along the way. However, it was these challenges that propelled Shane towards a deeper understanding of life's purpose, leading him onto a spiritual path where he gained profound wisdom. This journey ultimately led him to support others as a coach and to establish Jasper Wellbeing.

During a pivotal moment in a ceremonial circle, Shane was introduced to cacao, igniting an instant passion within him. He embarked on a journey to deepen his knowledge of cacao, recognising its potential as a powerful medicine to serve others. After two years of dedicated work with cacao, Shane felt a profound calling to expand his offerings, thus giving rise to The Jasper Cacao Project.

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Shanes favourite cacao is Criollo and his favourite way to drink it is simple with water, chilli and a dash of rose water finished with a little touch Himalayan salt.

Shane Founder of Jasper Cacao
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Leanne Mortimer: The wandering Yogini!

Leanne’s passions are Ashtanga yoga, meditation, and mantra. She loves spending time deep in nature usually with a cup of Cacao... 

Leanne worked in the busy world of dentistry for many many years but after embarking on a spiritual journey to India to train as a yoga teacher; her life completely changed. 

Leanne teaches Ashtanga yoga; the style is energetic synchronising breath with movement. 

Her passion for Cacao came from the wonderful medicine being a big part of her own healing journey. 

"I'm so happy to be at Jasper Cacao it feels great to be able to share this wonderful medicine with the world."

Leanne’s favourite way to drink the Cacao medicine is in her favourite mushroom mug with a dash of maple syrup! 


Leanne Events, Sales & Support