Our Mission

We have a simple mission here at The Jasper Cacao Project and we hope you'll join us for it.

Our Goal at The Jasper Cacao Project

At The Jasper Cacao Project, our mission is crystal clear-we're dedicated to playing a pivotal role in fostering global healing and nourishment through the remarkable medicinal and spiritual attributes of 100% raw cacao the revered "food of the gods." Our aim is to simplify access to true authentic pure grade cacaos, offering it as a holistic solution for overall well-being.

We forge direct partnerships with farmers and cooperatives in Peru and Guatemala, ensuring the protection of indigenous tribes, local families, and all involved in the nurturing and production while also safeguarding the precious Amazon rainforest. With every purchase, we contribute funds to support these communities in their sustainable cultivation of this sacred medicine, enabling them to thrive.

When it comes to our cacao products, we spare no effort in delivering the utmost purity. From meticulous sourcing to careful treatment, cutting, packing, and shipping, every stage of the process is imbued with love and profound gratitude. Our mission is a dynamic journey—one that continuously evolves as we strive to make a positive impact, one cacao bean at a time.