Our Mission

We have a simple mission here at The Jasper Cacao Project and we hope you'll join us for it.

Our Goal at The Jasper Cacao Project

Our mission here at The Jasper Cacao Project is simpleā€¦ To be a driving force in helping the world to heal and be nourished through the wonderful deep medicinal and spiritual properties of the food of the gods, 100% raw cacao. We are here to make ceremonial grade cacao accessible to all for a wonderful wellbeing solution.

We work directly with farmers and co-operatives in Peru and Guatemala making sure that indigenous tribes, local family's, producers, growers and farmers are protected along with the Amazon rainforest. We donate funds from every sale to help them to carry on farming this sacred medicine sustainably, while making a great living.

We go above and beyond to make sure we get you the purest ceremonial grade cacao/ cacao paste on the planet and put love into every element of the journey from how we source, to how we treat, cut, pack and send our product which is with intention love and deep gratitude.

Our mission is forever evolving...