Plant Your Future

Every purchase you make from Jasper Cacao contributes towards helping low-income and disadvantaged communities living in the Amazon rainforest of Peru.

About Plant Your Future

Plant your Future works with low-income and disadvantaged communities living in the Amazon rainforest of Peru.

They support families to plant native trees on their degraded and abandoned land, bringing it back to forest cover. They give them the support and training needed to turn their unproductive farms into thriving agroforestry businesses. 

The Problem

About 90% of deforestation in Peru’s Amazon is caused by smallholder farmers from rural, low-income communities. They cut down the rainforest and burn the land to create farmland for crops and cattle. Slash-and-burn agriculture destroys the nutrient-rich health of the Amazon’s soils; in just a couple years, the land becomes so degraded that the crops begin to fail. The families are then forced to abandon their land and cut down more rainforest to create more farmland.  

Not only does this drive the destruction of the rainforest, year-on-year, but it’s also unprofitable. Each family earns just £100 a month from their small farms – barely enough to cover basic essentials. This leaves them extremely vulnerable to crisis. Traditional farming traps families in a cycle of deforestation and poverty. They do not choose to destroy the rainforest, they simply have no other viable or attainable option. 

The Solution

Plant your Future is breaking this cycle by working hand-in-hand with families, enabling them to adopt an environmentally-friendly method of farming known as agroforestry. This tree-based agriculture system combines planting native Amazon trees alongside crops and fruit-bearing orchard trees such as cocoa. Through this progressive way of farming, communities can reduce deforestation, protect biodiversity and mitigate climate change. At the same time, improving their livelihoods and increasing food security.  

Their work has been independently certified by the Rainforest Alliance in recognition that we’ve achieved the highest standards in addressing issues around climate, community and biodiversity. 

Support Plant Your Future

If you'd like to support Plant Your Future directly, you can do so by following the link below.

Plant Your Future