Affiliate & Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for affiliate and wholesale accounts

By signing up and being accepted as a Jasper Cacao affiliate/ Wholesale partner this means you are working for yourself representing a brand you love.

This does not mean you are an employee of the Jasper Cacao Project LTD or represent the company as a spokesperson. It’s a friendship and partnership where we support you and your love for the cacao medicine.

You as an individual or company selling Cacao in our branding or yours are fully responsible for making sure you have covered all the legal guidelines to sell food products to the public.

You are fully responsible for your own training and understanding of the contraindications of cacao for consumption.

The Jasper Cacao Project is not responsible for how you work or do business.

The Jasper Cacao Project are here to help and guide you by sharing our own knowledge.

The Jasper Cacao Project are only responsible for our own brand and will not be held accountable for misinformation from your brand or marketing.

If you misinform or misrepresent The Jasper Cacao brand in any way, we will be forced to cancel your account and in extreme cased take further action.

Any information we offer is simply advice and you are responsible with what you do with it.

We have the right to refuse a wholesale and affiliate account without explanation.


When selling the “Jasper Cacao Branded bags” we as a company may ask to see/understand how you represent the brand to make sure you are doing so with respect, love, and integrity. We may come to your shop/ markets/ fairs / circles / events to see how you operate where we can offer advice and support to help you represent the brand in the best ways and help you get the most out of said representation.


As an affiliate you can not use your own affiliate link/URL to buy cacao for yourself. If it is found out that you are doing so your account will be terminated indefinatly.

If you are also a wholsaler you can not use your Affiliate link/URL for wholsale orders - You already have a discount as a wholsaler.

Affiliate payouts

Pay outs are monthly and are issued within the first week of every month for the previous month’s takings.

Payouts are only issued if the balance is £50 or over, if the balance has not reached £50 then it will be passed onto the next months balance. Only when the balance reaches £50 will it be able to be paid. Once paid the balance will again have to reach the £50 minimum to be paid out.

We ask….

When selling, consuming, sharing the Jasper cacao medicine that you do it with respect, love, and integrity.

If you are sharing the cacao medicine and holding space, please do so in a safe way.

Please note training is offered please