Affiliate Programme

Spread the word about ceremonial grade Cacao and earn excellent commission rates!
The Jasper Cacao Affiliate Programme

How it works

By spreading the word about our magnificent ceremonial-grade cacao, you are helping to heal and nourish the world with us.

As an affiliate you will receive a UNIQUE link/URL to share with the world. If somebody that has come through your link/URL orders you will receive 20% commission on that order.

This person will forever be linked to you and every order they put through will give you 20% commission.

Please note: If your customer clears their cookies, then they would have to use your link again to be re-linked to you.

You will also receive a discount code that you can share with customers if you wish. This will give customers 10% OFF THEIR FIRST ORDER. This code will only work once for everyone.

Please be aware that if your customers use this discount code the 10% discount be deducted from your 20% commission.

Commission rates may be subject to change.

Please refer to T&C before signing up.

Getting Started

How do I sign up?

The registration process is simple:

  • Create your account from the link below.
  • Review the Terms & Conditions of our Affiliate Programme
  • Complete our Affiliate registration form.
  • Wait for approval and your unique link/URL + discount code.
  • Once approved your URL will show inside of your account.

Please check back within 48 hours of Application for your code.

Once accepted, you will be able to share your affiliate link with friends and family to receive commission on all their future orders.

Jasper Cacao

Spread the Word

Once registered you can share Jasper Cacao with your community online and in person.

We ask that you tag @jaspercacao in your posts so we can follow along!