A book By Ann Ball

Celebrating Cacao

Sharing the history, myth and splendour of this sacred plant medicine

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£15.99 / Paperback Book

Celebrating Cacao by Ann Ball

Can you remember a time in your life without chocolate? It is truly embedded in our lives, from traditional nighttime drinks to bars and boxes of chocolates as gifts. While this wonder product called Cacao is new to us it is also ancient, sacred and tantalisingly shrouded in mystery.

So what is this new superfood? Let’s delve deeper and discover the ancient myths and legends and journey back to the present day. From ancient ways to modern joys...

Most of us love ‘chocolate’ but have no understanding of its raw form from the Theobroma tree, or know of the many healing properties that can benefit our mind, body and spirit.

To know Cacao is to understand where it comes from, how it is grown and harvested and the bean-to-cup process. Uncover the modern fascination of drinking Cacao at home, in ceremony and in gatherings.

Included in the Book

This book features:

  1. History and myths
  2. Growing and harvesting
  3. Ways to drink in ceremony
  4. Hot and cold drink recipes
  5. Raw and cooked recipes

After reading this book you will be able to tantalise your taste buds and indulge in your passion for chocolate guilt-free with a more healthy slant. So if you’re curious about how to use Cacao then this could be the book for you!

About Ann

Ann Ball is an author of books reflecting her experience in the complementary therapy world spanning nearly three decades She enjoys writing poetry, readings, meditations and training courses. Her books enrich her women's circles that she runs to this present day.

Product Reviews

I love this book, it has been a great introduction for my cacao journey and help me really understand cacao as a plant medicine and not a confectionary. Its great to understand how cacao in this form is grown and all about the history. Great read!

Product Reviewed: Celebrating Cacao Book

Reviewed by Scott James on Wednesday 06th March 2024

This book is a wonderful addition to my cacao order with jasper cacao project.

Product Reviewed: Celebrating Cacao Book

Reviewed by Ann on Tuesday 30th January 2024

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