Your cacao will never be flat again!

Molinillo Cacao Whisk

Enjoy super frothy cacao with this traditional Mexican molinillo.

£18.99 / 30 cm Carved wood
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£18.99 / 30 cm Carved wood
Enjoy super frothy cacao with this traditional Mexican molinillo.

Molinillo Chocolate Whisk

About our Molinillos

These traditional chocolate whisks are native to Mexico.

The Mesoamericans used to pour their cacao from heights from pot to pot which helped froth their cacao drinks beautifully but when the Spanish came and were introduced to cacao, they thought this was way to messy and then created the molinillo!

Using the Molinillo

To use a molinillo, first heat water or milk in a saucepan and add your Jasper Cacao. As the cacao starts to melt, use the rounded bottom of the molinillo to stir and help dissolve the cacao into the liquid. Once the cacao is completely melted it’s time to troth!

Keeping the bottom half of the molinillo under the liquid, place the handle between the palms of your hands.Then roll the molinillo back and forth, spinning it in the saucepan to mix everything together.

As the molinillo sways the liquid from side-to-side bubbles will start to form on the top of your cacao drink, gauge how frothy you want it and when you get there stop……Its time to pour and drink.

Please note that every Molinillo is different in some way and may vary from the pictures.

Handmade in Mexico

Hand carved with love


Carved from Single pieces of Wood from sustainable sources


Replicate the old ways and connect deeper with the ancestors

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